Application Procedure

All applicants must be IRS recognized 501(c)(3) public charities classified as not a private foundation, registered with the Department of Agriculture to solicit funds in Florida, when applicable, and located in and/or of significant benefit to residents primarily of Miami-Dade County.

  1. In order for a proposal to be considered for funding, the applicant first must send a brief letter of inquiry that includes:
  • organization mission;
  • project description with intended outcomes;
  • community served and grant period; and
  • amount requested and use of funds.
  1. There is no deadline for inquiries.
  1. The letter of inquiry must be by U.S. Mail. The Foundation’s small staff is unable to respond to letters of inquiry by telephone or e-mail.
  1. After initial staff review of eligibility and merit, an invitation letter is mailed with a specific deadline for full online proposal submission.
  1. Upon deadline, staff determines the completeness of proposal and sends an email to applicant, acknowledging receipt of proposal and requesting additional information.
  1. Staff calls to schedule a site visit.
  1. Complete proposals are presented to and reviewed by the Board four times a year.
  1. Applicants are informed by mail of the proposal’s disposition immediately following the Board’s decision.
  1. Grant Agreements must be signed by the organization’s Chair, President, or Executive Director and returned to Peacock Foundation, Inc. before payment is mailed to grantee.
  1. No new proposals can be considered until all terms of Grant Agreement, narrative and financial reporting requirements are met.