The Board provides direction to Peacock Foundation, Inc. and ensures best practices by:

  • defining grant making policies and guidelines
  • reviewing applications and determining grant awards at its quarterly meetings
  • monitoring investments to ensure the Foundation’s sustainability.

The Board is committed to Mr. Peacock’s philosophies regarding the importance of strong values and moral character, of achieving self-sufficiency and in turn helping others, and of being fiscally responsible stewards of philanthropic funds.

Robin Reiter-Faragalli photo
Melanie Ink Broeker
President & Chair
Robin Reiter-Faragalli
Vice President
Donald Kress
Secretary & Treasurer



Joelle Allen Dr Echenique5
Joëlle Allen Dr. Jorge Echenique Jan Griffin Charles P. Sacher

Barbara A. Rickard

Barbara Rickard2

Barbara A. Rickard began work with Mr. Peacock in November 1963 as a secretary and bookkeeper. In 1965, she became a Director of Peacock Foundation, Inc. Working tirelessly to help ensure the effectiveness of the Foundation’s grant making, Ms. Rickard became President and CEO in the late 1990s. She stepped down from the Board in January 2012, after nearly fifty years of service. Until her passing in April 2016, Barbara was a quiet presence, a deep listener, and a thoughtful leader. Because of her conscientious grant making, Miami is a stronger community. She is missed but not forgotten.